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A New Amicable Divorce Judge Without Proposed Sly


We almost did not see this amendment so wanted to be discreet, I spotted two small through tweets, the judge without divorce is back, but without a judge with a lawyer and notary.

The amendment of 30 April 2016  tabled by the government proposes an amendment to Article 229 of the Civil Code:

The spouses may mutually agree to divorce by act under private signature countersigned by counsel, filed in the minutes of a notary.

A judge without a divorce is proposed or should I write again proposed because this is not the first time that Parliament is trying to get this DE-criminalization. There are not long ago, a proposal was made much noise,  the divorce must be certified by a Registrar and without a lawyer . There is a little longer, there was talk of divorce at the notary without lawyers. [click to continue…]


Guidelines in Selecting the Right Family Lawyer


Family legal problems can be one of the greatest sensitive, difficult also tough kinds of lawful instance one can forever go through. Separately from the regulations also difficult paper workings which want to be complete, customers also want to deal with a sensitive tussle in facing a disturbing happening in their lives. However, in any case, you want not face this tussle alone. You want to think through contracting a Family Lawyer who has the abilities to assistance you in all features of the legal circumstance.

A Lawyer major in Family Law can be the best choice when trade with the procedures of the legal records and also, he is predictable to assistance you go over the sensitive manner of the problem. Family Law is the form of law that manages home concerns. The particulars of the law will differ liable on the condition, but usually, the goal is to care for each person’s rights within the circumstance of the family.

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Father and daughter smiling - isolated over a white background

The Court of Appeal of Aix-en-Provence found that “the fact of putting in place a strategy to discredit her husband and away children is a lack of respect and loyalty making intolerable the maintenance of common life ”

the kind of facts are very specific:

– Husband created a website protected by access codes on which he published pictures of her naked children on the couch and this current year 2005. The wife is informed and does not complain of this site .

– In 2008, the wife applies for a divorce and conciliation hearing considers that these photographs are unhealthy, she filed a complaint against her husband. At the first hearing (the hearing called conciliation), the wife will produce the photos in question into believing that it has just discover all this that her husband does not get alternating residence he seeks .

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The True-False Amicable Divorce the Judge Without


The amendment proposed in fresh government is ultimately not gone unnoticed.Some voices were raised against this amicable divorce judge without and against the privatization of justice: judges (Union of Magistrates) ,  family associations ,  women’s associations,  Academics ,  lawyers unions and  lawyers  including myself.

Past two weeks, rapid analysis, erroneous and false information was disseminated.

Hence the idea of True-False amicable divorce the judge without the form of frequently asked questions.

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